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Do the Hard Thing: 5 Tips on Overcoming Your Fears to Achieve Your Biggest Goals

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

In this article I share the 5 main things that helped me overcome my fears and accomplish my goal of *confidently* auditioning to be an NFL Cheerleader. (with no dance experience!!!)

Keywords: Confidence, NFL

Those who have been following me for a while know that I have talked briefly about my goal to audition as an NFL cheerleader with no prior experience. When I say no experience, I mean NO EXPERIENCE. No cheer or no dance until the beginning of 2023! If you haven’t had the chance to read my initial article about my background and why I set out to do this, please take a look! Not only will it give you some background info, but it will give insight on how real my fears of being seen and of failure truly did run my life before.

Just to recap, I got cut from auditions early in the process! Since then I have been taking the last month to enjoy family and friends that supported me along the way and internalize the process and lessons learned! Now that I have done that, I am so excited to begin sharing with you all and hopefully you find helpful bits to give you the push you’ve been needing to overcome your own fears and conquer your big goals!

My goal was not just to show up on audition day. My goal was to commit to something I was passionate about and going all in. My goal was to train like crazy and do the inner work required to show up as my best, confident self on audition day! Regardless of whether I physically had the skill to make the team or not, I was going to do my best. Long story short, I went all in and accomplished my goal of standing in front of a panel of the top professional dancers, coaches, and entrepreneurs in South Florida with my head held high knowing I put everything I had and saw it through to completion. Something my younger self would have never done. And you can do it too!

I did not overcome all my fears prior to making my mind up that I was auditioning for the Miami Dolphin’s Cheerleaders. This was a process! I overcame my fears every week, every day, every minute of the journey as they presented themselves to me.

This leads me to one of my most frequently asked question I’ve received since auditions: How did I overcome my fears and confidently audition as an NFL Cheerleader with no dance experience? (I saved my best tip for last!)

Tip #1 - DECIDE! (& find your why)

My fear of regret if I did not pursue this dream, was greater than all my other fears combined! I knew I’d be a sad old lady one day if I continued to let this dream pass by. I made the decision early on I was going to go all in and not give up: regardless of the challenges up ahead.

My Recommendation: Look inside yourself and discover your WHY for wanting to pursue this goal. Your WHY must be strong enough to get you through the challenges that will inevitably rely ahead. Think of your why in challenging moments and perservere!

Tip #2 - Find Your Tribe Early On

I involved myself in a like-minded community early on! It was divine plan that my first EVER dance class be at one of the longest standing dance studios in Miami, Show Stopper Studio! The Creative Director, Susie Garcia even announced that she was hosting a free class for Beginner dancers to get together and talk and share their experiences. I am so grateful for this studio and that I was plugged in from the get-go!

My Recommendation: Do your research and use your intuition to find a supportive community in your field early on. You will meet people who share your fears and struggles and will become your biggest cheerleaders on the way to achieving your goals!!!

"Rip off the fear Band-Aid, get it over with! This will build your confidence in your own abilities and if you’re like me, will motivate you to continue moving forward!" -Brianna Sledge

Tip #3 - Prayer, Meditation, & Visualization

I prayed, meditated, and visualized daily! I believe prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God! Visualization was also extremely key. I visualized myself confidently dancing and presenting myself in front of others, well before I felt that way in 3D reality! This prepared me for upcoming dance classes, mock auditions, and situations that I knew would require me to further step out of my comfort zone.

My Recommendation: If you are interested in learning more about the power of visualization, check out Dr. Joe Dispenza's work! This will help you imagine yourself in your desired outcome before in manifests in your physical life. When you are able to visualize where you would like to go in life, it seems more familiar to you, therefore less scary. Also, Pray to your higher power for guidance and pay attention to signs and synchronicities guiding your steps. Even if what you feel called to do doesn't make logical sense at the time, theres a good chance it will feel right on an internal level. You'll be able to connect the dots looking backwards if you follow this guidance.

Tip #4 - Preparation & Knowledge = Confidence!

I did my best to prepare in every way that was in my control! I attended a mock audition, I reviewed potential interview questions, had my audition outfits planned months in advance, and asked lots of questions! Thank you, Chaq, from Pro Dance Prep for your patience and answer my million questions!

My Recommendation: Prepare and learn in every way to minimize potential surprises and road bumps! Preparation and knowledge on your topic will allow you to show up even more confidently in yourself, your abilities, and will minimize feelings of fear and uncertainty!

Tip #5 - Rip off the "Fear-Bandaid"! (& make it quick)

I ripped off the “fear Band-Aid” very early on! I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone quickly, so I decided to do something I knew would challenge me on every level! A month into my dance career, I attended my very first NFL Cheer Prep class. My husband and I flew to Frisco, Texas for the Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleaders prep intensive weekend! There was nothing more intimidating in my mind than going and dancing in front of some of the most talented performers in the industry! This ended up being one of the most incredible experiences, Comment below if you’d like me to share more on that prep weekend!

My Recommendation: Identify something you are most afraid of and don’t put it off! Rip off the fear Band-Aid, get it over with! That way, going forward you know you KNOW have what it takes to do even more hard things. This will build your confidence in your own abilities and if you’re like me, will motivate you to continue moving forward!

Thank you all for reading!

I hope this article was helpful for those of you that wanted a gentle nudge to overcome your own fears and conquer your big goal! Comment below which tip stands out to you the most or just simply share the big goal you are currently working towards! Keep your eyes open for a podcast/video coming soon where I will give more tips and tricks that helped me face my biggest fears. Talk to you soon!

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