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NFL Cheer Training Intro

I’ve had a draft saved of this post for about a week now. Analyzing it, wondering if its the right time or if I said the right things… But I realized that to continually edit this from the perspective of others is people-pleasy and lacks authenticity. Perfection does not exist and sometimes you just have to suck it up and decide to be vulnerable. Those have been two things I have had to face on my journey training to become a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader. Being an Enneagram Type 3 learning those things has been especially challenging!!! (I know my fellow 3’s can relate! lol)

With all that being said, I finally want to share a bit of my story: HERE GOES NOTHING!

Throughout my life I have chosen to pursue things that come naturally to me. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for the majority I lived through the lens of a fixed mindset. I was either good at this, or I was bad. I either won the race or I lost; no second place. I had the largest loan pipeline among my banker peers and if I fell short.. well, “I guess I just suck at this!!” How messed up is that?? LOL! Overall, failure wasn’t an option for me. And if I saw the possibility of failure I tried to steer clear of it all together.

It wasn’t until the last few years that I uncovered a deep rooted limiting belief (with the help of my badass therapist, Tamara!) that my entire self worth and perceived value I had as a human being was in direct proportion to my level of success and achievement.

Having uncovered this false belief, I felt inspired to do something that I had always wanted to do my entire life, but had allowed fear to hold me back from. Becoming a cheerleader! With my 30th birthday right around the corner (yikes lol) I decided to go big or go home. I wanted to cheer for the NFL, but not just for any team: for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders!!!!

Throughout my training journey, one question has continuously come up for me that has essentially become a guide for how I have chosen to train for auditions and a blueprint for how I live my life now. This question is, “Who was I before the world told me how to be?” I’m inviting you to ask yourself this as well. From the ages of 1-7, when you were living and loving life entirely from your soul space with very little ego, what did you enjoy doing? For me, I was a creative and a performer! I loved to dance, dress up, sing, create art, write, read, and being outside. I was very independent, driven, and hard headed. Nothing or nobody got in my way without a fight! (Sorry mom and dad, I wasn’t easy to raise hahaha) Essentially I was wild and free, like we all were at one point. It just looked different for each kid!

My training to become a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader has been a journey back to who I know I am at my core. A journey that when I first started I knew was going to be very physically challenging has ended up being one of the most mentally challenging, rewarding, and healing experiences I’ve ever pursued in my life!

In the near future, I plan on writing about it more in depth and sharing all the lessons I’ve learned with you all! But for now, I will continue to prepare for auditions that are only 4 DAYS AWAY!!!! My intention is to walk into auditions with everything I have and make the team! (Thank you, Susie! For teaching me the importance of setting intentions and for so much more!) Regardless of how it all unfolds, I have won! I have changed a life long fixed mindset into a growth one. I have allowed myself to be an imperfect beginner. I have allowed myself to do something I have always wanted to do from my heart and have completely transformed internally as a result.

Thank you so much for reading, and please send me good vibes! I will share more soon!

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